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Corporate Training

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Our Mission


To add value to every individual and organisation we engage, via the delivery and implementation of the right knowledge and business solutions that will position them to consistently achieve more.

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Customer Service that WINS!

This module is for organisations that are market-facing. If your organisation regularly interacts with customers, then you have to distinguish your organisation by providing superior customer service. The Customer is King is the philosophy that wins.


Time Management

We spend the greater part of our time awake at work. It is imperative that we maximise our use of the available time and deliver real value to the organisation. The skill of maximising or managing time becomes a core resource for every organisation and its people.


Influence and Impact

Every part of an organisation contributes something to the collective. If team members and employees will become productive, they must learn how to positively influence and impact their work environment, while delivering optimally. How do employees influence leadership, and vice versa? How can employees have lasting impact on the organisation?


Building yourself as a Brand

This looks at the ideological and philosophical principles that drive your people, and how these can be modified and improved so that each one becomes a brand that is managed effectively to deliver above and beyond what is expected of them. Becoming a Brand in the workplace is key to personal and professional fulfilment and achievement.


Fundamentals of Selling

This module is an introductory foray into the world of selling. It helps those employees in your organisation with zero or minimal sales experience catch on fast to the skills required to excel in sales. The module exposes some hidden tricks to become expert salesmen.


Advanced Selling Skills

This module is for those managers in your organisation who have selling skills and are growing up the corporate ladder. They may now be leading or managing a team of salespeople. Or they may have experience in one aspect of Sales, say, retail sales, and are now moving up to a different category of Sales. They will learn what is required to succeed at this new level, how to remain effective as a salesperson, and how to keep their team inspired to achieve set goals.


Brand Management Fundamentals

This is a module that teaches aspiring brand managers the rudimentary practices in brand management. They are exposed to what it requires to become an effective brand manager, as well as how brand management experience can be useful for greater career advancement.


Brand Management (Advanced)

This module is for existing brand managers who may desire experience across different categories of brands, or who may be moving vertically up the corporate ladder. They may handle a bigger portfolio, and/or brand team. The module exposes them to relevant information and knowledge that will position them for superior performance and continued success in brand management.


Leadership and Work Ethics

Leadership is not necessarily a position or title. As such, each of your people can become leaders in their area of expertise. This module helps your people understand how being committed to sound personal leadership and work ethics will help them become much more professionally productive, with respect to the organisation’s objectives.


Becoming a Workplace Champion

This module provides the requisite tools to inspire your people to become better versions of themselves as employees. They become sound leaders who are passionate about and committed to the growth of your organisation or team, and will show observable and significant improvements in output, attitude and overall performance.


Business Planning

This module is for current and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start or improve a business. The module equips you with the knowledge of actions to take, ideas to consider, and strategies to employ in starting up or improving an existing business. It includes information on how to identify viable business opportunities, how to conduct market research, how to develop your business plan, among many other useful bits of information.


Effective Communication Strategies

The one thing we do at work the most is communicate. Whether it’s horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, we are always communicating in the workplace. A lot of progress can be made, and troubles averted if your people can develop best-in-class communication strategies that will help them become more effective, and the organisation more productive and efficient. Participants learn their strengths, weaknesses, and how to manoeuvre those areas of weaknesses till they improve.


Building Effective Teams

The workplace is really made up of different teams. That’s how work gets done. When teams are dysfunctional, the organisation suffers. This module helps your people, both at managerial and non-managerial levels, to understand the roles they can plan to make their teams more effective and productive. If the knot of effective teams is unravelled, your organisation will become a much more fluid and efficient system, running smoothly and working to deliver the business ambitions easily.


Presentation Skills

we make presentations every day, some high stakes, and others not so important. It’s a very useful skill to have to know what kind of presentation is needed for what occasion, and delivering the presentation in the most effective manner, such that the audience is able to understand the point, and is moved to action in the same direction. This module equips you and your people with those presentation skills that will set you all apart.


Our Vision


To be the first choice in Africa for the provision of business and training solutions for organisations and individuals with huge potential and desire for professional accomplishments.

Our training modules are designed for management trainees, new joiners, account executives and brand managers, middle management executives, senior managers, business heads, and other professionals.